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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a friend referral?

Many companies are now facilitating referral programs which allow new customers to sign up using a friend referral links or promo codes rather than directly on the company's website. By signing up through a friend referral, customers can earn additional rewards or benefits.

How do friend referrals work?

To access the friend referral link, in the search box, type in the name of a merchant or app. Then, select the name of the merchant and follow the directions on the merchant's friend referral page to access additional details on the deal or bonus.

What should I do if a merchant supports friend referral but PlumBucket does not list it?

If this is the case, please Contact us and let us know. We will add the referral as soon as possible.

Does PlumBucket guarantee that the friend referral links are valid?

We do our best to maintain accurate friend referral information for every merchant we support. Still, we request that customers use the links and data on as-is basis without any warranty/guarantees. If you do not agree with this  statement, do not use our friend referral links. Plumbucket is not responsible for any missed or incorrect friend referrals for any reason.

Would you like to submit a friend referral that you'd like us to post on our website?

Please fill out this form to submit your referral information.

Are friend referrals only valid for new customers?

Yes. Most of the time the referral bonus is only valid for new customers.